Get All Your Exterior Lighting Ready for Back to School

Back to school is around the corner, and it’s time for schools and universities to prepare for students to return to campus for learning and outdoor sports. Exterior lighting is essential in the education sector, it illuminates the school grounds and outdoor fields for students and faculty members.

It’s important to choose the right exterior lighting for schools and universities we want to give you some things to consider when choosing the right lighting for you and your students. From elementary school to middle school, high school, and college campuses we can help you prepare for back to school!

The Best Exterior Lighting Options for Elementary & Middle School

Typically, elementary, and middle school campuses are smaller in terms of square footage (not just students) and located in residential neighborhoods so there are a few things to consider: glare, durability, and being respectful of residents in the area.

For starters glare from exterior lighting can be a concern for safety reasons. With majority of elementary and middle schools being in residential areas the glare from exterior lighting can become distracting to drivers and can potentially temporarily bling drivers. Schools should want to limit this glare for not just the safety of residents but for students, bus drivers, and educators. Using LED lighting fixtures can reduce the glare of exterior lighting making sure light is directed where it needs to go. For more you can read our blog The Importance of LED Parking Lot Lighting and let’s get LED lighting fixtures around the exterior and parking lots of your school.  

Next to consider is, durability. Outdoor fixtures can be hit with harsh weather as seasons change and on playgrounds some fixtures can be hit with balls and cause damage. Picking lighting fixtures that can withstand both circumstances is important for durability and maintenance. LED lighting fixtures innovative design and long lifespan is perfect for your schools exterior and playgrounds. LED lighting fixtures can also save you money not just because its durable, but it is energy saving!

Lastly, being respectful to residents in the area because it is so common for elementary and middle schools to be in residential areas these neighborhoods are important to consider. You don’t want your campuses lighting to disturb the neighbors around your school. LED lighting is directional meaning it can be “aimed” and direct lighting into target or darker areas which can help in not disturbing the residents around. LED lighting also has smart controls which is a great way monitor your lighting and keep all your neighbors happy.

Exterior Lighting Options for High Schools

While high schools are also located in residential neighborhoods these campuses are much larger with more students so there is a bit more to consider: security and energy savings.

Security is essential on high school campuses because, it is more common to see vandalism on high school grounds. LED lighting works with your security cameras to help prevent vandalism and other possible offenders. In our blog The Importance of Exterior Lighting having exterior lighting has proven to be effective in providing safety and security for your students and faculty.   

When you think about exterior lighting you also want to consider what lighting options are energy saving. With a larger campus this requires more lighting to cover parking lots, entrances, and perimeter lighting (around the building). Switching to LED lighting is a great way to save energy because, LED bulbs last longer than incandescent bulbs and LED bulbs use 40% – 60% less energy consumption. The larger the are the more energy consumption so save energy and money and properly light you high schools exterior.

Things to Consider with Exterior Lighting for Universities

Pinpointing exterior lighting needs for your university campus can be a bit more complicated. All university campuses sizes and design vary along with external structures like dorms, pathways, libraries, lecture halls, dining areas and even sports facilities all have different lighting requirements. Here are overall best practices to follow: safety and security, lighting controls, consistent supervision.

While safety and security are important for all education sectors for universities this can look different. Faculty and students are on campus 24/7 with dorms so it is vital that entrances, pathways, and emergency phones in designated areas are well lit for use. LED lightings advanced technology can keep these areas on universities constantly lit and at full power. With HID bulbs (high intensity discharge) these bulbs can have what’s called a “warm-up” period and will not light up right away and fade over time. For the safety and security on universities it is important to have lighting fixtures ready to keep darker areas always lit.

Lighting controls is a newer advancement in lighting technology, with motion sensors and timers which is a great way to reduce energy usage on large university campuses. Our team also encourages taking advantage of our LED rebate programs! Call us and ask us how LED lighting is the perfect option for your university. LED’s longer lasting, higher brightness levels and ability to control makes it the PERFECT choice. LED lighting controls also allow you to maximize on your lighting depending on day and season.

All universities for safety have campus security offices which give 24/7 surveillance and supervision. It’s important that your exterior lighting can support these teams and surveillance cameras to keep all students safe all the time. Having campus safety offices and cameras not only keep students and faculty feeling more comfortable but also any visitors and can improve the overall look of your university. LED lighting keeps dark areas on campus lit and reduces the chance of any liability risks. People with unfavorable intentions avoid well -lit areas. And with universities having teams like campus security and safety it is important that they can do their jobs efficiently. If an area is not properly lit, it can make that task difficult.


If your school or university is getting ready for back to school and exterior lighting is on your to-so list before students and educators arrive our team knows just how to help! Upgrading your exterior lighting fixtures is easier than you think! Contact our team today. Let’s get started!

The Importance of LED Parking Lot Lighting

The first experience all visitors have with your commercial property is the parking lot. Lighting in your parking lot may not be top of mind but, if the quality of your parking lot lights are poor believe it or not this can lead to less people wanting to interact with your establishment. The purpose of exterior security lighting is to protect people and its properties.

It’s more important that you think to have quality lighting in your parking lot and speaks volumes of your establishment it sends a message that people are welcome. Security lighting especially in your parking lot helps you see your surroundings and provides a layer of safety when alone in parking lots at later times with no natural light. Here are a few reasons upgrading to LED lights in your parking lot is most beneficial to your business.

Improve Safety and Security

Prioritizing customer and employee safety should always be top of mind. Naturally, during the day parking lots are well lit but what about when the sun goes down? Making sure your parking lot is properly lit increases visibility and can reduce the chance of accidents between drivers reducing liability risks as a business owner. Bright lightening in your parking lot can also decrease the risk of crime. People with unfavorable intentions tend to avoid well-lit parking lots, if you have poor lighting in your parking lot this can be the focal point for criminal occurrences. Switching to LED lighting for parking lot can ward off criminal activity and allow any security cameras to record clearly id needed. LED also helps to eliminate possible dark spots and gaps in your parking lot.

Update and Advance Your Technology

Most exterior fixtures with HID (high intensity discharge) is omnidirectional it can only focus on one spot and usually leads to uneven lighting HID lighting also has major deficiencies that include deteriorating quickly, emits a significant about of UV radiation and is not directional. HID lighting also has a “warm – up” meaning the light does not arrive at full power right away and can fade over time.

LED lighting is directional. This means it can be “aimed” to direct higher concentrations of light into target or darker areas in. LED also has smart controls; you can control and monitor your lighting remotely from a command center. Having these specific controls can dim or brighten your lightening based on your commercial property’s needs and time of day. Outdoor LED lighting controls can save energy and allow you to maximize on your lighting depending on time of day and season however light is needed most and can decrease usage when the demand is low.

Increase Revenue

Improved safety is just one reason why LED is the best switch for you parking lot lighting. When potential customers and clients can properly see your business, it will draw more attention to your business. LED lighting is a great way to help advertise your business and increase revenue. Brightly lit areas such as your parking lot lets the public know you are open for business! This also helps to prevent anyone getting lost when coming to your establishment.

LED is Cost Efficient

Another benefit to switching your lighting to LED is they can save you money! HID light consumes a lot more energy. In terms of lighting parking lots are large energy consumers making for an overpriced electrical bill. With LED your electrical bill can be cut almost in half. We know how important it is to save money when running a business and how expenses can add up. Contact us, ask us about our ComEd rebates!

LED is Energy Saving

LED lighting uses 40 to 600 watts of electricity in comparison to HID lighting that uses 100 to 1,000. Making LED lighting uses 40% – 60% less energy consumption. Meaning the larger the area the more energy consumption HID lighting will use running up your electrical bill. LED can save you energy and money especially in regard to your large parking lot that needs to be properly lit. HID lighting loses efficiency over time and consumes more energy making the switch to LED only makes sense.

LED is Easy to Maintain

With their innovative design and long lifespan LED lighting is the perfect way to light your parking lots. Light output will gradually decrease when necessary, meaning that lighting will not have to be replaced as much and lasts longer. With LED’s higher brightness levels and longer life shelf as a business owner you don’t need as many lighting fixtures (which is another reason LED is so cost efficient.) Its design is meant to distribute light more evenly throughout your parking lot with less fixtures.

Have we convinced you, yet that LED lighting is the best option for you parking lot? Contact us and ask to speak with our team! Let’s make sure your parking lot is ready this summer.

The Importance of Exterior Lighting

Commercial outdoor lighting is more important than you may realize and can often be overlooked. It enhances how a company looks and functions creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere to employees, existing employees, and potential customers or clients.

Exterior lighting can help market your business better and can play a large role in a company’s growth and success. Here are a few reasons why as a business owner you should make exterior lighting a priority and how we can make it easy.

First Impressions

First impressions are imperative for successful businesses, when a customer or potential client approaches your business, the exterior is the first thing they see. Professionally installed and well-placed lighting is not only appealing to the eye but can even become the most recognizable feature about your building. Lighting done right will draw attention to your signage and help make a lasting impression on your visitors.

Increased visibility at night is also an important aspect of attracting new customers and ensuring existing customers can always find you without issue. People are more likely to approach an inviting and accessible business that has well-lit entryways, especially after dark. 

Security and Safety

Exterior lighting has also proven to be effective in providing safety and security for employees, clients, customers, and the building itself. Having a well-lit exterior significantly reduces the possibility for slip-and-fall incidents as well as giving patrons a sense of security against other possible dangers. Most people avoid businesses with darkened windows and poor exterior lighting.

Having adequate lighting in your entrances, doorways, stairs, and parking lots can also serve as a deterrent for potential threats like break-ins or intruders. Installing and maintaining exterior lighting for your commercial space and keeping outdoor areas well-lit can help keep your business protected from potential criminal activity.

Lighting Options

There are several factors to consider when selecting the best exterior lighting options for your business. Some things to consider include illumination on: landscape features and statues, outdoor architecture, the business address, vital signage (which can also be serviced with our signage maintenance), parking lots and any other dark areas surrounding your business. At Omni Commercial Lighting, our experienced team will suggest simple and smart solutions for your exterior lighting needs. No matter which option you choose, we always strive to save you money! For more on energy saving tips refer to our blog Energy Saving Commercial Lighting Tips for Spring”

Adding Value to Your Business

Adding exterior lighting enhances your business’ curb appeal and contributes to the overall ambiance. Want to increase your property value in an easy and affordable way? Upgrade your exterior lighting! Outdoor lighting, when installed by a team of professionals, can go a long way towards highlighting the most prominent features of your space, especially at night and will also help catch eyes on busy streets or from far away.

Our process, is simple and only four steps. At Omni Commercial Lighting we strive to bring you on-time and under budget projects like upgrading your exterior lighting. We will work closely with you to bring your vision to light!

Energy Saving Commercial Lighting Tips for Spring

Spring is here which means days are getting longer and business is getting busier. In the spirit of springtime, it is time for refreshment and renewal. That said, we want to give you some energy savings tips you can implement in your building.

Whether you have an office space, commercial building, or retail shop we want to save you energy and money starting in spring and continuing through the summer. Here is how!

Switch to LED Lights

Having to constantly change lightbulbs as seasons change can not only get expensive but it can be a real hassle. However, LED lighting lasts longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. They are also designed to use less electricity in comparison to incandescent light bulbs. Also, LED bulbs are not just for the interior of your building, these energy saving bulbs can be used on the exterior of your building too.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

As seasons change, we are fortunate to see more sun! This means you can take advantage of the natural lighting. Move and shift your workspace around to utilize the sunshine during the day.

In addition to the gift of beauty, there are a lot of other health benefits to increasing the natural light in your building. Being exposed to natural lighting throughout the workday often leads to better sleep night for your building’s inhabitants. Natural light also boosts the vitamin D in your body which can increase productivity.

Get Rid of Incandescent Bulbs to Save Your HVAC

Incandescent light bulbs are inefficient because most of their energy output is converted directly into heat, not valuable light. Where does all this extra heat go? And it usually flows through your commercial HVAC system causing the system to work much harder to expel extra heat, causing it to draw more energy and thus reduce the lifespan of the system itself.

Call us Your Commercial Lighting Experts

We hope you find these energy saving tips for spring helpful! The best advice you can take from this blog is making the switch to LED lighting. Our process is simple; just 4 easy steps, and you will rest easy knowing your commercial lighting project is handled. If you want more information about the best options for you and your business, call us today and let us save you some energy.